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Termite Control

Each year, Florida homeowners experience thousands of dollars worth of termite damage.
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Each year, Florida homeowners experience thousands of dollars worth of termite damage. Here in northwest Florida, we contend with subterranean termites. As the name implies, these termites live underground. They enter structures through cracks and openings in and around foundations. Quite often extensive damage is done before unsuspecting homeowners realize they have a problem. Locating the site of termite activity isn't always an easy, straight-forward task.

Davis Exterminators Inc. recommends having your home or business inspected by a trained professional.

Davis Exterminators Inc. offers a conventional liquid termite barrier treatment. In addition, we also use dry foam and gel, where necessary, to treat wall voids and other structures. We feature the highest quality products by Bayer (Premise).

Davis Exterminators Inc. offers two different types of termite treatment guarantees. The first is a "re-treat only" agreement. Davis Exterminators Inc. is responsible for properly treating the respective structure. In the event of termite infestation, Davis Exterminators Inc. would re-treat the affected areas, subject to terms and conditions of the initial job.

The second is a "repair damage" guarantee. Davis Exterminators Inc. would be responsible for providing any necessary follow-up treatment as well as repair of any termite damage that occurred while the termite warranty was in place, subject to terms and conditions of the contract.

Davis Exterminators Inc. uses Premise.

Conventional Liquid Barrier Treatment

Davis Exterminators Inc. uses Premise. Premise is a new type of non-repellent termite barrier control that has faced rigorous and thorough testing by U.S. and foreign researchers. Without exception, Premise consistently returned 100 percent effective results whenever and wherever it was used.

A Breakthrough in Chemistry
Historically, when termites came in contact with a termiticide, they were controlled by one of two means. The termites were either killed or they were repelled. Termiticides that repel are at a disadvantage because foraging termites may randomly attack your home, eventually finding a break in the defense barrier. Many pest control operators will also agree that treatments which control termites on contact can also create gaps in coverage.

The chemistry of Premise Insecticide brings to the industry a different method of termite control. Termites that encounter Premise don't detect it until it's too late. As soon as termites contact Premise, the chemical mode of action takes effect, causing the termites to immediately stop feeding. The termites also become disoriented and stop interacting socially as Premise affects their nervous systems.

But Premise doesn't stop working there. Even at low soil concentrations, a mode of action called Premise Plus Nature takes effect. This unique mode of action works with nature, causing the termites to succumb to disease and death by naturally occurring organisms.

A liquid barrier treatment is installed by creating a trench, roughly 4" wide x 6" deep, around the foundation of the structure. In certain instances, the soil adjacent to the foundation is rodded into the ground every 12". The termiticide is applied into the trench and fill dirt. Small holes are drilled around the foundation areas, garages, patios, porches and block voids to permit a "barrier" to be installed. Davis Exterminators Inc. will provide a diagram outlining your home or business and explain the treatment supplies and techniques used.

What does this mean to you? It means no matter what, when termites encounter Premise, your house is protected. For a free estimate, please call 850-763-4142 or email us today.

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